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buspeople   At dM & M Legal it is our mission to ensure our company meets the current and future needs of our client’s in an ever evolving society.    
  Our operation is forward thinking and streamlined making us very competitive while still providing the best in service levels.    
  Understanding you helps us deal with matters more professionally. We are great believers in providing that personal touch often missing today so we pride ourselves with our very proactive and accessible approach for our client’s at all times.    
Personal Service
Covering Alicante
to Murcia

  This means we are now better suited to deal with the needs of clients from within the EU who have both personal and business interests here and especially on the Spanish Costa's.  
    The company has two key divisions: General Legal and Community Administration. We focus on these two options as they are often interrelated in a country where many people live in a communal environment.

      Whatever your needs be it business or personal we are here to help. We offer all our client's an out of office service as we understand many of you are very busy and time is precious to you.    
dM & M Legal where your time and needs matter
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Our web site does not offer legal advice due to the vastly differing and complex needs of our client’s.  
Please note by arrangement we can provide Russian, Ukrainian and Polish translators to attend Legal, AGM and Committee meetings.  
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